About Me


Welcome to Starfire! I'm Aimee, I'm a creative freelancer based in North East Lincolnshire, specialising in videography and video production. I offer services for private events, businesses and personal projects.

Videography was a huge part of my upbringing; there was never a family event without someone holding the video camera. Thanks to my family, I’m the proud owner of footage containing precious memories I can watch any time I like. Eventually the day came where it was my turn to hold the camera, and I’ve never put it down since (metaphorically speaking!). 

I've 8 years experience in videography and 2 years of experience at a professional level. Recently I've been working on more advanced editing techniques (such as green screen & After Effects) because I want to be able to offer my clients the best.

I’m not restricted to one niche; I work with individuals, businesses and at events; and I’m more than happy to take custom requests. The reason I enjoy my work so much is because I get to meet so many different people and help them make something that means something to them. In a way, I’m very lucky to be allowed ‘behind the scenes’ into people’s lives and trusted to capture and create what matters to them.

Working with me.


There are many fine companies available to work with, but if you decide to choose Starfire for your project or event, then I'd like you to know a little bit about what to expect when working with me. 

Client satisfaction is paramount to me; not just for the finished piece, but the journey creating it too. I want you to feel comfortable and happy when working with me and I am very adaptable with whatever kind of pace you’d like to set. 


I'm very flexible to work with; and I'm happy to take on either a directive or guided role depending on your needs as a client. Some clients come to me and they know exactly what they want from colour schemes to timings which always saves a lot of educated guess-work in the editing process; whereas other clients have a destination in mind but are happy for me to get creative and surprise them with the journey.

The packages listed on my website are calculated to give me a realistic editing timeframe while still saving you money over my hourly rate. I want to be the more affordable service locally, and that doesn’t have to mean lower quality! 


Whatever your idea or occasion, I’ll be there to support you along the way to creating something we can both be proud of whenever we watch it. 

My aim is to help my clients achieve great results capturing the things that matter most to them. I do this by getting to know who I'm working with so I can weave layers of their personality throughout the things I create for them. I want my clients to be completely happy with the work I produce for them and I take as much pride in each video as if it were my own. 



Don't just take my
word for it!

I’ve worked with some wonderful people, made some amazing things together and had some smashing reviews, so please feel free to reach outif you’d like to speak to me and get to know me.

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